About Us

THE FITNESS HANGAR and our co-located licensed CrossFit affiliate CROSSFIT SPECTRE are Veteran Owned & Woman Owned Small Business Enterprises. THE FITNESS HANGAR is determined to deliver the very best fitness options for our community.

THE FITNESS HANGAR was created to mimic what 'The Hangar' was when serving in the Armed Forces of our great country...a place to build bonds and get the hard work done. Our Core Values have not changed...only where we deploy them. Heart...Intensity...Pride...this is what we are about at Team Hangar.  

The logo for THE FITNESS HANGAR pays tribute to the F-4 Phantom the workhorse of the fighter, bomber, and reconnaissance aircraft community for over 60 years and served 3 of our 4 branches of military service. The CROSSFIT SPECTRE logo is an homage to the C-130 Spectre Gunship...the baddest, most lethal airborne assault gunship in the world and in use by our nations Special Operations community for nearly 40 years.

We believe small classes with more individualized attention from our coaches deliver optimum results in a much more safe environment than larger gyms with only one coach working with 10+ athletes...Our facility houses 6 weight training and gymnastic skills multi-purpose stations, plyometrics equipment, 4 state of the art XEBEX Rowers, 4 state of the art XEBEX Air Bikes, PRECOR Treadmills, and XEBEX Skiers and more.  

We offer small group fitness instruction, private training & education on proper nutrition...all focused on doing it right the first time. Even more relevant is every single one of our coaches have walked-the-walk having transformed their lives, as well as helped countless others to achieve their goals... Regardless of your current fitness level...We are One Team, One Fight! #thehangar #hardworkhappensinthehangar

Beware, we are not a globo-gym!  We have no silly tanning beds, no smoothie bar, no BS, and no excuses!!!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to expect more from your workout!

52 Main Street
Queensbury, NY 12804 (view larger map)